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New Administrator

We at Southside Christian School are excited to introduce to you Mrs. Monica Youngblood!

Monica is the wife of Dr. Derrel Youngblood and has 2 daughters, Madolin Youngblood (17 yrs old - college student at Valdosta State University) and Meredith Youngblood (16 yrs old - homeschooled senior). Recently moving from the state of Alabama, she has established her roots in South Georgia with excitement about her continued influence in the field of educational leadership. Mrs. Youngblood has been involved in Christian education for more than 10 years. She has served in the capacity of a registrar and classroom teacher as well as an administrator of a Christian homeschool association. She holds a master's degree in education, a bachelor's degree in foreign language, a minor in Bible and is currently pursuing a degree in educational leadership. Monica has provided leadership and support to her colleagues over the years. Her heartfelt approach and consistent spirit make her approachable to all.

As a seasoned educator, she offers valued perspective and insight into various situations that occur in a school on a daily basis. She exemplifies positive, professional leadership that makes a positive difference in the lives of the students and the staff. Student and staff success is top priority. Within her time in education, she has led the way in activities such as a sponsor of prom and yearbook. In addition, she enjoys fundraising within the school. Mrs. Youngblood has a goal to build positive relationships with all stakeholders while she continues to learn and grow as a leader. With a focus on increased enrollment, she views the addition of students as an opportunity to see more children come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

We are pleased to welcome Mrs. Monica Youngblood as the administrator of Southside Christian School for the 2022-2023 school year!

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