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Grading and Report Cards

Parents can access grades, discipline, and contact teachers by logging in to Praxi School.

Syllabus – Teachers will provide a syllabus at the beginning of the school year that explains the types and weights of grades in the course.  Students who enter after the beginning of the year will receive a copy of the syllabus shortly after they enter.

Pre-school students will not receive a traditional progress report or report card.  Four-year-olds will be assessed at the end of the year by A Beka guidelines.

Progress Reports – Current assignments will be available to parents through the My School Worx program.  All students will receive a progress report at the halfway point of the quarter.  

Report Cards – The purpose of our reporting system is to give parents an accurate indication of the progress achieved by their child(ren). Each child’s scholarship, attitude, and work ethic are considered in the report card grades.  Report cards will be issued at the end of each quarter.













Teachers use a weighted grading scale when calculating a student’s grade for all academic reports (progress reports/report cards) issued to the students. Teacher assessments include but are not limited to: exams, tests, quizzes, projects, book reports, and other daily assignments. 

Weighting System:
Daily Grades-30%

Extra credit is given at the discretion of the teacher; however, it can only be used to raise a grade before the end of the grading period. Extra credit will not be given to student that have a low grade as a result of not turning in homework, projects, etc.

Achievement Testing-Southside Christian school utilizes the IOWA (Iowa Test of Basic Skills) Standardized Tests to measure the student’s abilities and progress through the year.  The results of this test are used by the teachers and administration to help improve the curriculum where needed.  All students, K5-12 (12th graders are exempt if they have signed up to take the SAT or ACT College Entrance Tests) are given the IOWA tests in the spring to measure students academic achievement. 

Honor Roll – An honor roll is compiled at the end of each quarter and the academic year.  All academic subjects, including Bible, are considered in determining the honor roll.  Honor roll statuses include All A’s, A/B, and A/B Average.  Any student with a “C” or incomplete will be ineligible for All A’s and A/B honor roll.  Any student with a “C” is eligible for the A/B average award. 

Promotion/Retention—The final grading period ends on the last full day of class.  Report cards will be released through the MySchoolWorx system.  You may pick up a physical copy of your child’s report card up to six working days after the final day of school.  If you wish to have a physical copy mailed to your address, please leave a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your child’s teacher prior to the last day of school.  The report card will notify the parent as to whether the student has been promoted or retained.  The school strives to in most cases to have already been in contact with parents if retention was a possibility for the student. 

To enter grade:                                  Must have earned:

      10                                                        6 credits
      11                                                         12 credits
      12                                                        18 credits
Graduate                                               23 credits

Financial Requirements - All financial obligations must be met before a student may participate in graduation.

Dual Enrollment:  Students are encouraged to take classes through Coastal Pines Technical College or South Georgia State College in their junior and/or senior years.  Students must receive permission from the administrator or guidance counselor prior to enrolling in these courses.  Students will receive FIVE extra bonus points for each academic course successfully completed under dual enrollment.  If you are taking a dual enrollment class, please schedule for after 12:00 pm. 

Independent Study:  These courses must be needed for graduation and are not offered at any time the student can take it.  No credit will be given for independent study without prior approval of the administrator and/or guidance counselor. 

Homework: Believing that homework is an integral part of the school program, each teacher determines the appropriate amount of student homework.  Reasons for homework include:  finishing assignments, drill and review, remediation, enrichment, and prepare for a quiz or exam.  Parents are encouraged to support the teachers and students in ensuring that this work is completed.

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